Reclaiming my time

Reclaiming my time

I am so tired of running around unproductively. Living a life of an empty yet busy routine, day after day and going to bed thinking of what my life could have been had I just followed my dreams rather than listening to the persuasive suggestions of those who seem to care about my future. Don’t get me wrong. We should always appreciate those who think of us whether good or bad because it allows us to practice our reasoning and thought process to outweigh the pros and cons of our decisions.

Growing up, my days as a young maestro in performing arts, international relations, languages and a little entrepreneur (if I may say so), I was given ample advice on what to do next with my life and what career I should pursue. Become a lawyer” they would say, or, “a minister of Foreign Affairs, translator or a manager”. It was annoying but also kind of funny. The disregard for my sense of creativity despite being in performing arts school and taking leading roles on more than 4 occasions! Not saying I’m the best but that was just what I did.
All these different careers began to take over my mind and as time went on and got to a stage where I needed to make a ‘final decision’ on the career path I deem to live my life on and make my living, I began to panic. I began to fall into the category of ‘I don’t know what I want to be, I don’t know what to do’. I became even more confused as I continued to look for more council.

Now how many of you have found yourself right here? Leave a comment below to let me know how that’s been working out.

I’ve now a graduated with an honors degree in business. As proud as I am of this achievement, I still feel like parts of me is missing. Quite frankly I’d love to relive m dreams of when I was younger but I look at how long ago that was and it would make me upset that the time to do everything may have passed.

For years I felt torn between the things I wanted to do and careers that I was told that seemed ‘fit for me’. But listening to pastor Devon Franklin’s sermon at the Potter’s House One church LA titled ‘Reclaiming my Time’ (hence the title- look below for the YouTube link), I am finally hearing my alarm clock ringing after feeling it buzzing for such a long time. By the way… in case you don’t know much about him, he is a pastor and a film producer with his own film production company. You may recognize one of his movies- ‘Jumping the broom’ (one of my faves). So it made me think. How is it possible to be a preacher and still pursuing a dream that many (including those that gave me council) perceive to be unfit and also not a path worth for me to even consider? It’s possible.

So listen. What I’m really trying to say is that time is the most valuable currency we have in life and on this earth. Your childhood dreams were given to you for a reason. Your talents to pursue are still within you, only if you truly wish and make it your aim to keep trying until you get there. Time has not yet run out.

So stop hitting that snooze button and start reclaiming your time!




Why Wait? Just Keep Walking

Why Wait? Just Keep Walking

New York CityWhy Wait? Just Keep Walking.jpg

Life is compiled of a journey filled with multiple stops and diversions. And as you are going through life trying to get through a journey from one stop to the next, there will be times where you are provided with the options where you can take a shortcut or quicker option such as a bus that will allow you to get to your destination a lot quicker than your usual walking pace (obviously). Now what you need to know is that this bus that’s presented to you tends to arrive a little later and you might have to just stand there and wait. but you know full well that you can’t just wait and sit there, expecting for things like this shortcut to help you out immediately when you want it.

So you make the decision to start walking because at least you know you’re getting closer to where you need to go rather than just standing there and waiting. As you’re walking start to walk and you see the bus go past you, once, twice, three times, four times, five times. Multiple times, this same bus drives past you as you are walking. people will think you are a fool. Even the bus driver would think you’re a fool because how is it possible to miss the same bus that many times and the bus is still going to your place.

What I’m trying to say is that a shortcut with an easy route isn’t always accessible. every time I was walking the bus nowhere near the closest bus stop and the time it was supposed to come it didn’t come, it came at a different time that didn’t meet the time where I was going to be there. so I ask myself, do I want to wait for it again? and wait for the shortcut to come and pick me up or do I want to make sure I still make it to my destination at my own pace? so you need to remember, in life you still need to keep going at it, whatever you are doing to achieve a goal, keep walking because you’re still going to make it to the same destination. you’re going to be given that space to think and accept your journey. that is the blessing of walking through your journey and sometimes by just giving that shortcut a miss because I’m able to have fresh air, think of the things I need to do instead of having to RUSH RUSH RUSH and not being able to accept the journey (my journey). every journey makes our story unique. the more journeys you have the more you’re able to experience and relate to people.

I hope this inspires you to keep going and doing the things on your journey, despite the times that people will call you a fool.

Take that bold leap with no shade

Take that bold leap with no shade

Ever found yourself thinking of something you would say but then realise that you really don’t have the guts to say anything? What’s worse is that in your mind you visualise the actions and how the storyline would unfold. And its not anything malicious.  In fact it could be you asking for help when you feel like you are stuck or even trying to see if that empty seat on the train next to someone is going to be taken by the person standing next to you.

Taking a leap of faith in such situation seems very daunting and perhaps you’re right. But what makes you think that by standing there and mentally living out the scenario, willl help you get to where you really want to be if you don’t take a step out of your comfort zone?

In the recent months I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching. And I’ve come to realise that the things  I want in life are bigger than what my current environment has to offer me. So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking to figgure out, what is it that I really want and how best can I use the resources around me? Looking at my list with all the lines and scribbles, I went through my contact on social media (because we all follow the things we like) and began searching for the right people to ask for help. I attended / put together events with motivational speakers and industry specialists and began to TALK to them. 

T- taking time to

A- cknowledge who they are by

L- earning the way they communicate, to have 

K- lear, bold and consistent conversations with them.

By doing so, I felt less nervous or scared to go back to them and truely ask for the help I really needed. And what the heck, I would even sometimes feel confident enough to ask them there and then. Either way, to take that bold leap means to step out of your comfort zone and boldly work towards what you want – your goals. No shade means that there is no grey area- it is what it is and you reap what you sew.

So today, think of what you really want to achieve in life. Set yourseld goals and check your resources. Then go out and TALK in order to ask.

Learning To Appreciate The People I Am Jealous Of

Learning To Appreciate The People I Am Jealous Of

Hey what’s up Pinkshaders,
Honestly, with all the things are happening around us, it’s a shame that as various communities we are unable to get together, work together and support one another. This week, I started a new job and after a year of struggling to find something that felt right for me, I was glad that the struggle search was finally over. But as I was saying, we really need to learn to come together and support one another in our communities. I have spent countless hours on social media looking at the success of my peers and feeling somewhat sorry for myself because while, they are excelling, I am still struggling to figure myself out. I’m seeing friends sharing the stage with big artists, hosting MTV awards, launching their websites, producing films and so forth, while I’ve been at home, trying to find a new job to hold me through. I could have been salty (jealous). I could have been angry and spiteful. But that was not the case. one early Saturday morning, as the sun began to rise, I woke up feeling very blessed and had the urge to send words of encouragement and acknowledge them for their success in working towards their dreams. I honestly don’t know what came over me at that point in time and for some of these individuals, I haven’t spoken to them in a really long time, so it definitely would have been a really random message for them receive but having gone through my BOSS Challenge journey, I knew that I had to be the sister and let them know that I support them and encourage them to continue pursuing even though I may be far away.
In life we go through struggles as part of the growing process. Our struggles are what make our personal stories unique. It really isn’t worth trying to live by life of the same person you intend to live like, nor to try to copy the life of your peers because it’s not possible to follow their life minute by minute for what they have experienced. Not everyone or should I say nobody will ever be able to explain or tell you the exact accounts of all their struggles they encountered  because a) some information is disclosed to themselves and therefore a secret but b) because they forget some emotions or exact thoughts they have had.
So rather than trying to be someone you’re not or hating on people for what they are achieving, we need to come together and acknowledge one another’s success. That way we are able to build better relationships with each other and help our communities. Essentially, in this process, by acknowledging what they have done, I also partly felt like I could add to their success, just because I showed my support.
My challenge for you this week, is to send that really heartfelt message to the person you have admired for achieving the things they have done and if you honestly want to be there for them let them know.
The Plot Twist of Practicing Patience

The Plot Twist of Practicing Patience

Sometimes what you thought you really wanted and thought you really needed wasn’t actually what you wanted nor needed. The act of practicing patience is a skill on it’s own. It’s a combination between mental preparation, mental action, physical action, emotional action and preparation. You see you start off by setting yourself a goal or target to change or achieve something but rather than providing a specific time limit, time is what will limit you from achieving just want you desire. Instead of placing pressure to achieve what you want, the role is reversed where you work towards your goal at your own pace and allow time to manifest itself until you obtain your goal. Patience is never rushed and can never be rushed. You will become frustrated and angry before feeling encompassed with the will to give up and lose hope. Patience is an active journey that feels inactive. It teaches you to learn your way through the struggles, the complications, confusions and mishaps.

The best way to practice patience is to meditate. take a step out of the hustle and busy environment, which is clouding your perceptions and the vision to seeing your goal.

B R E A T H E . Let time take it’s cause. Stop stressing, just focus on your goal and gradually take a step towards it each day and before you know it you’re there.

Now if you’re reading this and wondering why I twisted the plot. Well, I realised that the journey and act of practicing patience will sometimes throw a plot twist along your way to see if you really know what you want and whether when something half as good or slightly different to what you had hope for, would sway your vision and change your goal? If so, did you find something better or did you lower your bar just because it almost fit the criteria of your goal? If you gave in to something lower than your anticipated goal, you may want to reconsider your choice because your journey to practicing patience has just added another plot twist and is not yet completed.



Vegan for Vegetarian Week- Oh My!

Vegan for Vegetarian Week- Oh My!

It’s Vegetarian week this week and for a while I have been having the urge to stick to just eating veg and ditching the near. Now for my meat loving friends its a huge shocker but the reality is that in the recent weeks I’ve started loosing appetite for eating meats and have subconsciously been selecting vegetarian options instead. This is not the first time I’ve been vegetarian, in fact I see myself as a “flexitarian”. This means that I flex between being a vegetarian, pescatarian and straight up meatlover. In the past, I have been vegetarian from a month to 3 years. It’s usually until it wears off. So you’re probably wondering “why”? Well my friends, I’m yet to still figure this out for myself.

But as mentioned previously, it’s vegetarian week and I thought to myself, I wonder what it would be like to take my eating lifestyle to another level, by being vegan for a week. I’ve never done this before but I know for a fact that I have had vegan days without realising and I’m pretty sure most of you would have had experienced the same if you think about. Now before you talk smack about how vegans are like rabbits eating leaves and carrots or how you always have meat or fish in every meal, I would like you to think of a time when you ran out of meat/ fish/ milk/ cheese and you had to complete your meal without it? Or you felt peckish and wanted to grab a quick snack so you bought packet of oreos? See? Well I have a few more examples that I actually realised for myself.

1. pasta and tomato sauce without any meat or cheese (because you didn’t have any)

2. Crisp/ chips

3. Veg Fried rice/ Rice and peas / Jellof rice on its own

4. Chow mein

5. Oreos/ Ritz crackers

6. Aunt Jamaica’s pancake

7. Bagels/ Bread and margarine

8. Income Instant noodles (fried onion and fried noodles flavour).

And there are more!

Being a vegan sounds really daunting. One thing I  must is that being a vegan on day 3 has been an absolute eye opener to realising the lack of options there are available when you’re out in public and you don’t have your packed lunch. I pretty much feel like I’m left with no choice other than eating snacks like crisps, nuts or fruits, just to get me through the day. And if I really wanted something to eat, I would have to ask the food place for the ingredients to ensure it was actually vegan friendly or result to eating salad. For this reason I feel like it’s definitely more expensive to be vegan when you are out, than when you have a pantry full of options on what to cook for yourself at home.

What’s more, I nearly fell into the trap of accidentally eating mac ‘n’ cheese all because I was craving a cheese and onion slice from the bakery today, until I realised that I was trying out the vegan diet! Clearly I have been tempted to already give in. Luckily, I saw a Burrito place and was able to order myself a really nice and juicy naked burrito without cheese and sour cream but with extra guacamole.

KUDOS to all the vegans out there. I’m going to be strong and try it out for a week but if I give in, it is not my fault *hides face* I just don’t think a complete vegan life is for me just yet.

Let me know if you’re participating in Vegetarian week or if you are a vegan by commenting on this post. It would be interesting to hear on the different takes on people’s experience.

B.O.S.S Challenge

B.O.S.S Challenge

Hey Pink Shaders!

So here is a new update. I’ve jumped on the YouTube train and started vlogging *hides face*. To be honest with you, I’ve been uploading for a while but I just hadn’t thought about breaking it to you guys yet. Mainly because I didn’t have enough content to share. I saw it as a fun opportunity to create and share video content of the things that I am passionate about, as well as the things that I am doing, leading up to an event.

It initially started with a school project, which actually required me to vlog the process to the final campaign ad for MAC Cosmetics called ‘#MACnified’. Check the link below!


#MACnified new edit

The original version can’t be viewed in some countries due to the song by Zara Larsson, so I re-edited the video and used our alternative song for the ‘New Edit’ video.

Seeing as I really enjoyed having the camera on me, I thought, hey why not vlog when your travel or other interesting things you do here and there? So I did and I uploaded my ‘Berlin re-cap’ video.

Berlin Re-cap 

So what’s the B.O.S.S. Challenge?

Great question. So you know how some people try to do a 100 day challenge, well I kind of hopped on that same train. For 100 days I have decided (and I came up with it myself) to develop myself body, mind and emotion. It’s a self- development challenge to improve how I see myself, I feel about myself and how I can listen and trust myself more. This is divided up by the 4 areas (4 letters) and essentially the main goal after the 100 day “cleanse” is to become the BOSS of my life.

So here we go…

B- beautiful: feel beautiful inside and out, in order to be beautiful all around.

O- optimistic: be positive, set yourself goals and opportunities and work towards it. 

Self-Assured: know that you have got this! Trust your instincts and have believe in yourself.

Sister: be kind and supportive. The sister to yourself and the the one that people need but not a superwoman to fix their life.

How’s the journey so far?

So far it has been a really good experience. I’ve achieved a lot just by taking baby steps and focusing on at least ine aspect at a time. But there were ofcourse some challenges. Like day 52!  People were talking about “blue monday’ but for me it felt like “blue week”. So many things went wrong  and I felt really stressed out and exhausted this week. Many things that I had been working on were just not going right. I started feeling like I was losing a battle and that possibly, my BOSS challenge journey might just end halfway through the challenge. But I had to remind myself (and I’m glad that I am part of the 100 day network) that I cannot give up on myself because I am not a forfeiture. More so, a challenge is supposed to see some difficulties because before you can go up, you need to experience the steep ride going down. In fact, I’d be contradicting myself if I gave up because the BOSS challenge is the very reason why I am trying to take more control of my life. So yes, it’s not going to be easy but so is life.

So if you want to take control of your life, rather than feeling  whatever then I really hope this is a little wake up call. In fact if you are in a situation where you know that you deserve better and want to reap better opportunities, then I am challenging you to start the 100 day BOSS challenge!

How do I start?

1. Write down your goal. Be realistic but give yourself an opportunity to achieve a step closer to your dreams.

2. Get yourself a notebook. You’re going to need to write your journey on a day to day basis in just a page or less.

3. Subscribe and Interact. I’m going to be uploading content on my YouTube channel (and on this blog too) regular basis. On this journey, you don’t want to be alone, you’re really going to need a community to support and encourage you along g the way.

4. Experience. This challenge requires you working for yourself and training yourself to be a BOSS. This means doing things to help you reach your goal.

FYI… although it’s known to be a 100 days, I have decided to extended my challenge until the end of 2017. So that makes it a 401 day BOSS challenge!!!

Check out my latest vlog- ep8

Transitioning into 2017

Transitioning into 2017

Happy New Year Pink Shaders,

It’s fair to say that like any other year, there have been some highs and lows. We have seen great legends pass away, the rise of in justice to sexuality, race and even gender. The divide amongst humanity was the most popular headline throughout 2016.

A non- factual election, which saw the 2 oldest presidential candidate of a powerful nation use social media and tit-for-tat strategy to pounce on their opponent, instead of elaborating on their strategies to help the environment, unify communities, develop the economy and the list goes on.

But then in 2016, there were some great moments. The year saw some amazing successes, the rise in female empowerment,  Black Girl Magic and world records being broken. Above all the greatest lesson to top it all off is that you can beat all obstacles, regardless of your qualification (this is a reference to sports not just politics).

Now that we are in 2017, everyone is trying to live up to their new years resolution and that’s great. But are you coming prepared with the correct mentality? The issues you faced in 2016 did not just magically erase itself as soon as it hit midnight. Oh no! So ask yourself, what struggles, moods or perceptions did I have in 2016 that still require a better understanding or transformation in me? What ideas did I have during 2016 that I never got to pursue because of lame excuses like time, motivation or resources? I say this because we are all born with the same starter pack in life- 24hrs, a brain to think and our body. Now think of ways to improve 2016 self in 2017. That way you are being more realistic with yourself and  you’ll feel more in charge of goals you hope to achieve, bare in mind this will encourage you to have a positive mindset to living a better life.

For 2017, it is my hope for all of us to come together in peace. I know a lot people are living in fear, especially for those targeted by some of these new appointed leaders and their capability destruct. We need to work as a supportuve community and become more educated and willing to understand differences. I also hope that 2017 will bring great self- development, especilly for those who had a rough time through 2016.

It’s time we make 2017 a good year. Not for our own reasons but for all. I know for myself, I want to see more confidence in me.  I have spent a little more than  what was due, being shy and scared to reach out for things that I was scared to let down.


“when they go low we go high. And when they go high, we go low”

– Michelle Obama –

The attitude and journey to success

The attitude and journey to success

​” Success is not an exception but a prevailing attitude” – John Begin

For a while I have been trying to motivate  myself to get back on track. Back to that confident, high motivated and happy person that I used to be. I started of by writing multiple lists of things that I wanted to achieve but never had the time to pursue  or missed the opportunity because I lacked in confidence to take on that challenge. These ranged from large goals to the smallest; they all carry a significant value that is life changing in many different ways.

The way to look at this is like building your own home. I bet that growing up, you envisioned how big your house would be, how many rooms it will have, the number of bathrooms, the style of the interior design, having a movie room etc. You know to build that dream home in your mind, you engaged in a deep thinking process also known as your imagination, which allowed you to,  plan each aspect of your property. You know very well  that to be able to have that kind of home, you need to have a good job that can provide for that kind of budget. So you start to think of careers that you can imagine yourself being in, so that you can afford that house and the lifestyle that comes with it.

 Bringing this back to my list of things to achieve, I had to imagine what I want to achieve in my future, in order to note it down in my present so that I can work towards the dream becoming real in my future.

Once I felt that my list was somewhat  concluded, I glanced over it with an open mind and asked myself, what is that I can do now to in order to get closer to achieving one of these goals on my list?
So for one of the goals I wanted to drive my own car. That is two things in itself. 1 this meant getting my license and 2 searching for the right car. So in the midst of feeling low and ‘unconfident’ (if that’s even a word), I booked my theory test and once I passed that I booked my practical test. I also searched for driving instructors and I also searched for the types of cars I’d be interested in purchasing.

It took a while and it felt like forever, when it really was a few months but with the little ounce of motivation that I had in myself, I was able to gradually achieve the aspired goal. I applied the same factor to each goal and even included a few more that I was able to achieve.

***Once quoted by legendary BBC presenter “In times of povert abd struggles we have the natural aspiration to do something with our life and times better for ourselves. ***

With time, motivation and perseverance, you will start to notice more ticks of achievements than goals.

“When they go high we go low and when they go low, we go high”- Michelle Obama.
The 2016 US Presidential election brought a lot of high hopes to females. Here stands a woman in a race for the highest postion of a powerful country. She ensured a big fight time what many, as well as myself perceived as a bully.
There will be moments when you wil feel like an opportunity has been stolen from you by somebody you feel is undeserving or incapable of handling what you think is yours. Those are all feelings; and you have the right to have this emotion. But don’t believe that everything offered to you is for you. In life there are 2 explanations for why certain things happen.

All lessons are a blessing and a curse at the same time because we are either able to achieve a new heights or God had another plan for us… Something better.
In the other hand we are in our low stage. We are in the process of being crafted for the next best thing for us. Note “for us”. This means that not everything was created for you.
Tyler Perry’s  infamous character Madea rightly said in a play…  you don’t know why things happen but you best believe that some things happen for a reason or a season. A reason because they are here to teach you a lesson and be out the door or a season, to fill up that empty void until the next best thing is to come.
The road to success is an independent journey that needs to be completed by myself but supported with the people and experience one encounters along the way.  Whether it appears to be good or bad, reason will show itself in future.

Good luck and keep going!

University Guide 101: How to survive your freshers! First year guide- Semester A Edition

University Guide 101: How to survive your freshers! First year guide- Semester A Edition

Oh boi! Freshers has just started and for those who are still arriving on campus (even though it’s mid- October), can be feeling either nervous, excited or the stress has already kicked in. And to be honest that is completeky normal. However, to help kick-start your accademic year into good shape, I think that there are 7 simple steps that will help you survive your first year. FYI they have all been tested and they all work!

1)  The Treasure Chest

For some of us leaving home for the first time, this could seem a little daunting. And quite often we underestimate or sometimes not at all think about the basic items we will need in our student accommodation. Items like bedding, stationaries and clothes, are pretty much the first few items we think of. However, food staples, first aid packs, basic medication, kitchen utensils are oftwn overlooked. Moreover, it doesn’t help with the fact that we are seeing such large sums of money showing in our bank accounts by Student Finance, at the start of the year. Also, because we get too excited by this large amount of money sitting in our account (waiting to be taken by rent), we become too optimistic with our money and then Pop! There goes the last £100 to spend for the next 3 months. I tell you that feeling is not nice at all. And this when the treassure chest of goods that were donated by family and friends from home, becomes your best friend and essentially your life saver! 

Check out (see above). This is a great place for your family and friends to get a good idea on what to pack in your box of goodies. They can choose from seasonal to freshers or nutritional parcels, which is then packed up and delivered right to your door!

I remember when I was preparing for my first year at university, my mother had an idea to create a treassure chest of basic goods. In it were random bits and bobs of canned items, 1kg of salt, 1 bag of sugar, pasta,  ramen noodles, chopping board, soy sauce, rice, tin opener, (I hope you get the gist). This box helped me go through some of the toughest moments at school, where I had no money for food, however it allowed me to be creative with the stock I had. And believe it or not, at the end of the year I even came home with some unopened items!

So what are you waiting for? Get cracking! Start of by asking people to donate food staples ie pasta, tinned food, salt, sugar etc, which doesn’t require a fortune but helps you get a long way while you are at uni.

2) Staying 100

Freshers flu is Real!! And it doesnt have to occur durring freshers. Nobody likes being ill! So why risk your body to the cold weather which is fas approaching. As much as we want to enjoy ourselves and maximise every uni event on campus, you should always remember to keep yourself warm and healthy, as much as possible. Even if it means covering up for most of the day and taking a jacket with you whenever you leave home to an event. I mean  £2 on cloackroom is really not bad compared to £4 on cold and flu pills or syrups and feeling completely crap about yourself. Also, stocking up on your vitamins is another preventative method to avoid being ill. These are easily purchasable over the counter at your local chemist or supermarkets such as ASDA, Tesco  or even health food stores like Holland and Barret. Increasing your dosage to the reccomended dailly allowance on vitamin C, D, B, A, K, calcium, iron and  antioxidants, will help you stay in better shape over the cold months and hopefully avoiding the ‘Flu season’. You coukd howe0ver get in the groove of eating healthy, by maintaining a diet plan. And no its not for people on a diet… its a good way to make sure that you are staying in shape and can also be used as a budgeting tool to watch over your spending (look at the next point1). Lastly, just as eating healthy is important, so is exercise! Get in the habit of working out an hour a day. This doesn’t necessarily  mean going to the gym for an hour, you could easily find simple workout YouTube videos or apps that allow you to exercise at home, and doesn’t require a lot of sweat.

3) Savings Saved Saves: Budgeting and Accounts 

Saving as a student can sound like a BIG MYTH! I know because I’ve been there! My first 2 years at university, called for extreme saving, where I basically set myself a realistic budget comprising on daily and weekly allowances, based on the amount received by Student Finance and subtracting my rent and bills.

With the amount remaining, 10% went towards my savings account and anything remaining from that amount was then divided by up for groceries, entertainment and anything extra. If that seems difficult, then it might be also time for you to get a job on campus!

4) Don’t be broke! 

Every student needs that extra bit of mulla to spend on something (often unnecessary) and that’s ok. Campus jobs in my eyes are the best way forward, in ensuring that you balance your academic career, whilst generating some cash on the side and gaining some experience. Whether it is the university, student union or any third party organisation providing a service on campus, they all abide by the rule of having to understand that your work is scheduled around your education and not the other way like off-campus employers. This means that there is a lot more flexibility in changing your hours, in order for you to catch up with your studies etc. Also, the pay for on-campus jobs can be quite decent. Some of ehich are above the minimum wage. In some cases, some universities like mine have a general rule where students are allowed to work on-campus up to 20 hrs per week. So look at your university/ Student Union job board for some of these opportunities.

5)  Staying Organized and avoiding the “P”- word

I cannot stress how important time management and organisation is at university. But very often we (as in studemts… including myself) find ourselves doing things last minute. This my friend is subjected to what we know as  PROCRASTINATION! Procrastination is when you pick up your book or open your work on your computer/ laptop and have the intention to study but further delay the actual action by watching TV, engaging in deep thought conversation or others, before realising how much time has passed to then catch up with work as quickly as they can. This is a REAL issue that every student falls into. To minimise falling into that trap, I would suggest getting a mobile app like ‘My Studylife’ (see below) which will allow you to view your timetable, as well as schedule when your work is due and make plans as to how much should be achieved between “now” and the due date. You can also set yourself reminders along the way to let you know how many days you have left in order to complete your assignment.

6) Study Groups 

Ultimately, university can introduce you to some amazing people. From meeting the smartest people you have ever come across, to those who like to keep lifw simple, or the ones that like to question every hypothesis to finding the most awkwardly talented person. All these different types of people bring great attributes to your life, which in effect could enhance your university experience. Forming study groups with people on the same educational pathway as yourself will allow you to either catch up with work that you’ve missed or be able to get a second opinon/ explanation  of a topic that you didn’t quite understand. Also, following in from my last point, being part of a study group can encourage all of you to try and stay focused on the assignment and possibly decreasing the chances of procrastinating because the sole purpose of meeting up as a group is to get on with your work.

7) They say becoming a teachers pet But I call it networking with academics!

Your lectures and tutors know exactly what you need to do in order to ACE the class. I mean of course, they designed the program and they know exactly how it should run. Just by speaking to them and asking frequent questions, you might be able to get a little insight as to what they are expecting from you. They may not say it to everyone in class but if you speak to them, you will be given a lot more hints regarding your assignment and voila, there you have a 2:1 or a 1st!

At the end of the day, the best way to survive your time at university is to have fun while you study, be yourself and avoid getting into little “dilly- dally” troubles. It’s a time not only to learn about your course but also to learn a little more about yourself.