Reclaiming my time

Reclaiming my time

I am so tired of running around unproductively. Living a life of an empty yet busy routine, day after day and going to bed thinking of what my life could have been had I just followed my dreams rather than listening to the persuasive suggestions of those who seem to care about my future. Don’t get me wrong. We should always appreciate those who think of us whether good or bad because it allows us to practice our reasoning and thought process to outweigh the pros and cons of our decisions.

Growing up, my days as a young maestro in performing arts, international relations, languages and a little entrepreneur (if I may say so), I was given ample advice on what to do next with my life and what career I should pursue. Become a lawyer” they would say, or, “a minister of Foreign Affairs, translator or a manager”. It was annoying but also kind of funny. The disregard for my sense of creativity despite being in performing arts school and taking leading roles on more than 4 occasions! Not saying I’m the best but that was just what I did.
All these different careers began to take over my mind and as time went on and got to a stage where I needed to make a ‘final decision’ on the career path I deem to live my life on and make my living, I began to panic. I began to fall into the category of ‘I don’t know what I want to be, I don’t know what to do’. I became even more confused as I continued to look for more council.

Now how many of you have found yourself right here? Leave a comment below to let me know how that’s been working out.

I’ve now a graduated with an honors degree in business. As proud as I am of this achievement, I still feel like parts of me is missing. Quite frankly I’d love to relive m dreams of when I was younger but I look at how long ago that was and it would make me upset that the time to do everything may have passed.

For years I felt torn between the things I wanted to do and careers that I was told that seemed ‘fit for me’. But listening to pastor Devon Franklin’s sermon at the Potter’s House One church LA titled ‘Reclaiming my Time’ (hence the title- look below for the YouTube link), I am finally hearing my alarm clock ringing after feeling it buzzing for such a long time. By the way… in case you don’t know much about him, he is a pastor and a film producer with his own film production company. You may recognize one of his movies- ‘Jumping the broom’ (one of my faves). So it made me think. How is it possible to be a preacher and still pursuing a dream that many (including those that gave me council) perceive to be unfit and also not a path worth for me to even consider? It’s possible.

So listen. What I’m really trying to say is that time is the most valuable currency we have in life and on this earth. Your childhood dreams were given to you for a reason. Your talents to pursue are still within you, only if you truly wish and make it your aim to keep trying until you get there. Time has not yet run out.

So stop hitting that snooze button and start reclaiming your time!





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